Women's Rights Unit

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Based on our pioneer role in the service of society and our belief in women's role as a key member in the development of society and their right to live a decent life, applying equality principle and social justice, INTEC created a specialized unit for women's rights and their role in society.

INTEC relies on two main aspects inside this unit

First: Giving attention to women's issues to the community through:

  • Giving attention to external initiatives to spread awareness on women's rights and their key role in the country development and community service.
  • Creating alliances and partnership with bodies and organizations concerned with women's right , and providing grants and marketing studies for the development of women's entrepreneurship and small business.
  • Designing training programs and workshops to educate women of different ages of their rights and how to stick to them, as well as their pioneering role in serving the community and how to integrate with their surrounding environment.
  • Designing training programs for individuals and organizations working in the field of human resources and various leadership positions to make them aware of women's rights and how to help them cope with the community and the work environment.


Second: attention to women's issues and empowerment within the company through:

  • Raise the proportion of female presence in the company over the past years from 15% to 40% of the company labor force.
  • Implementing training programs and workshops for those working in the field of human resources, as well as the employees within the company to raise awareness of women's rights, and how to help them cope with the work environment and what are their obligations towards the company and to the community.