Special Needs Unit

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Special Needs Unit

The aim of establishing this unit is to assist and rehabilitate of people with special needs and develop their abilities through training, counseling and support services to contribute to the formation of an effective relationship with the community.

 The goals of the company:

  • Building a strategy with associations , centers and competent authorities that serve people with special needs.
  • Design guidance and training programs that help people with special needs to evolve and create a positive interaction with the community.
  • Qualifying persons, associations and bodies that deal with people with special needs on how to deal with them in a scientific civilized manner using guidance programs and training.
  • Designing training programs for those working in the field of rehabilitation preparation.

The company functions:

  • Communicating directly with people with special needs to define the services provided to them and find out their needs.
  • Working to involve them in all (training – workshops) available.
  • Communicating , training and rehabilitation of those who are entrusted to deal with people with special needs on how to deal with them.