Small and Medium Enterprise Unit

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Small and Medium Enterprise Unit

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are always considered the backbone of any growing economy; this is why INTEC establishing this effective advisory unit to those types of business.


We aim to enhance the competitive advantage of small and medium enterprise and help them to merge into national and international markets.

How We do it :

First step:

Scanning the market and designing diagnostic study of different cases in the Egyptian market and other international cases.


Second step:

starting analysis by a group of our experts of those cases and different market studies and make a conclusion with recommendations.


Third step:

We share our recommendations and advise with all business and economic organizations in both private and governmental sectors that deal with SME in different methods:


1- Designing and creating training courses and workshops to help young businessmen to start their own business.


2- Offering different consultancy services to guide SME owners on how to work with national and international markets.


3- Initiating strong partnership with international and national grants and funds organization to support SME Owners.