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Training Need Analysis

Ref Dates Venues Fees
HR05 11 Feb - 22 Feb Cairo 2500 USD Register Now
HR05 04 Nov - 15 Nov Riyadh 3000 USD Register Now
HR05 09 Dec - 20 Dec Sharm El-Shaikh 2000 USD Register Now


  • This course will provide participate with skills needed to :
    • Make the most effective use of training and development.
    • Acquiring TNA skills.
    • Measuring training result effectively.
    • Align training activities with strategic planning.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Managers, supervisors and team leaders at all organization levels.
  •  Human resource managers and specialists. 
  • Training managers and staff. 
  • Anyone involved in learning, training, development and performance management. 

Course Outline:

  • Introduction:
    • The impact of recent changes on organizations. 
    • Changes in the job concept today. 
    • New generations at workforce. 
      • Challenges facing training in the 21st century. 
  • An overview of Training
    • Essential training concepts and meanings. 
    • The importance and role of training. 
    • Training process model. 
  • Need Analysis in Training Process
    • What is need analysis? 
    • Purpose of need analysis. 
    • Key steps in need analysis. 
    • What information should be collected. 
    • How can information be collected. 
  • Need Assessment Process
    • Where to look for performance discrepancies. 
    • Gap analysis. 
    • Organizational analysis. 
    • Task analysis. 
    • Person analysis. 
    • Strategic Planning and Training Need Analysis. 
    • Using Competency Model for Assessing Training Needs. 
  • Outcomes of Training Need Analysis:
    • Training design. 
    • Training objectives. 
    • Training budgets. 
    • Training methods. 
    • Training evaluation. 


Two Weeks.