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The Leadership Scorecard

Ref Dates Venues Fees
MG11 04 Mar - 08 Mar Bahrain 2000 USD Register Now
MG11 18 Mar - 22 Mar Cairo 1750 USD Register Now
MG11 11 Nov - 15 Nov Cairo 1750 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  • Leadership development continues to be one of the most challenging issues facing organizations today.
  • So, this course provides participant with:
  • Rational and logical approach to measurement and evaluation that can be implemented within the current budget constraints and resources of the organization.
  • Proven scorecard methodology easy to understand and meet the demands facing leadership development to measure results and return on investment. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers at all organizational levels.
  • Supervisors and team leaders.
  • Professional involved in leadership development.
  • Training and performance improvement professionals.
  • Human resource Managers and professionals.

Course Outline :

  • Leadership Scorecard foundation:
    • Developing leaders.
    • Leadership development accountability.
  • Creating the Leadership Scorecard:
    • An evaluation framework.
    • The ROI model.
    • Implementation issues.
    • Case study. 
    • Measuring Indicators, Satisfaction and Learning.
    • Measuring Application and Business Impact.
  • Converting Business Measures to Monetary Values:
    • Techniques for converting data to monetary values.
    • Calculating the cost of quality.
    • Selecting the appropriate measure.
  • Calculating Leadership Development Program Cost:
    • Cost strategies.
    • Major cost categories.
  • Calculating the Return on Investment:
    • Basic ROI issues.
    • Identifying the intangible benefits.
    • Forecasting an ROI.



Duration :

One week