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Social Media Management

Ref Dates Venues Fees
MK06 18 Mar - 22 Mar Dubai 2000 USD Register Now
MK06 26 Aug - 30 Aug Dubai 2000 USD Register Now


  • This course covers advanced topics in social media management. It provides a focus on the various social media platforms and the best practices to using this for Digital Marketing. The course focuses on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+, while providing a quick overview on Facebook (as advanced Facebook topics are in another course), as well as new emerging social media platforms such as Snapchat and Pinterest.

Intended Audience:

  • Individuals intending to manage social media profiles of their clients or companies. 


  • Reasonable background on social media management is preferable; or passing the ‘Fundamentals of Digital Marketing’ Course.



Course attendees should be able to do the following:

  • Have a thorough knowledge of social media management strategy building blocks.
  • Have a deep understanding of the mechanics and benefits of social media platforms
  • Able to prepare content marketing strategies on social media
  • Able to prepare social media management strategies

Proposed Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Social Media Management concepts
  2. Facebook creating content for Facebook, managing conversations measuring performance
  3. Twitter : creating content for twitter, managing conversations measuring performance
  4. Twitter : advertising platform and managing twitter campaigns
  5. Instagram : creating content for Instagram, and managing conversations
  6. LinkedIn : Building a strong LinkedIn profile for you and your company
  7. LinkedIn : Exploring advanced topics
  8. Self-Administered advertising on LinkedIn.
  9. YouTube : Creating content for YouTube
  10. Google+ : How to make Google+ work for brands : benefits and content strategy best practices
  11. Third party publishing tools to manage your accounts
  12. Third parry Analytics tools to measure your performance
  13. New emerging social media platforms
  14. Competitor review and social listening
  15. Crisis Management and brand attack tactics


Estimated time:

  • 25 hours (net training hours) /5 lectures