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Privatization Polices Program in the light of Capitalism

Ref Dates Venues Fees
AA 21 08 Jul - 19 Jul Cairo 2500 USD Register Now
AA 21 05 Aug - 16 Aug Cairo 2500 USD Register Now
AA 21 05 Aug - 16 Aug Dubai 3000 USD Register Now
AA 21 05 Aug - 16 Aug Morocco 3000 USD Register Now
AA 21 05 Aug - 16 Aug Istanbul 3000 USD Register Now
AA 21 05 Aug - 16 Aug Malaysia 3750 USD Register Now
AA 21 05 Aug - 16 Aug Paris 3750 USD Register Now
AA 21 26 Aug - 06 Sep Los Angeles 3750 USD Register Now
AA 21 16 Sep - 27 Sep Cairo 2500 USD Register Now

Objectives :

This program goals based on introducing the following aspects and skills to the trainees:

  • The main capitalism sources that created the privatization.
  • Classifying the most important economic determinants that make countries apply privatization program.
  • The aspects that the international financial institutions have spread to apply privatization.
  • The requirements that should be met in order to apply a successful privatization program
  • The different privatization formulations and methods.
  • The economic influences of applying the privatization program.

Who Should Attend?

  • People concerned in designing privatization programs in the concerned ministries.
  • The investors wishing to own public projects.
  • The employees of the financial companies and capital market authority.
  • The persons concerned in public business sector companies regarding a program for privatization.
  • The employees in investment banks and commercial banks. 

Course Outline :

  • Privatization definition
    • Privatization aspect
    • Privatization Origin
    • Factors that led to the privatization spread in the World
    • Selected experiences from privatization programs
  • Successful experiences (Britain Experience, Chili Experience)
  • Unsuccessful experiences (Malaysia Experience, Czech Experience
  • Privatization Sources
  • Lester Pearson Report Principles
  • International Bank for Reconstruction& Development Program
  • International Monetary Fund.
  • Public expenditure increase
  • Decreasing the sheet balance deficit of the State.
  •  Attracting the foreign capitals for investment in the different economic sectors.
  • Preventing capitals smuggling and attracting savings to labor market
  • Requirements for applying privatization policy:
    • Price Issue& Labor Market.
    • Planning for supporting the competitiveness in market.
    • Issuing cash and financial systems.
    • Issuing external sector.
  • Privatization Formulations& Methods
    • Privatization forms that keep the State ownership:
  • Management contracts.
  • Lease contracts.
  • Associating a special partner.
  • Privatization forms the influences the State ownership:
  • Shares public issue
  • Shares private issue "Selling for main investor".
  • Transferring the ownership to the shareholder employees union. 
  • Liquidating and selling the assets of the company.
  • Replacing the ownership with loans.
  • The economic influences of privatization process:
    • The influence in sheet balance.
    • Influence of the private investments growth
    • The influence of the program and its applications in the companies financial performance development
    • The influence in the employees in companies. 

Duration :

Two weeks