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Negotiation Skills

Ref Dates Venues Fees
MG09 05 Aug - 16 Aug Cairo 2500 USD Register Now
MG09 05 Aug - 16 Aug Istanbul 3000 USD Register Now
MG09 16 Sep - 27 Sep Cairo 2500 USD Register Now


  • Negotiation is a fact of life, like it or not you are a negotiator.
  •  This course helps you to be an effective negotiator in every work situation. 
  • You will acquire skills needed to negotiate successfully so everyone wins especially you by using the latest negotiation strategies today. 

Who should attend:

  • Managers, supervisors and team leaders seeking to improve their negotiation skills. 
  • HRM managers and professionals.
  •  All employees need negotiation skills to fulfill job responsibilities. 

Course outline:

  • Introduction: An overview of Negotiation:
    • Negotiation as a life skills.
    •  Importance of negotiation today. 
    • Defining negotiation. 
    • Principles of ethical negotiation.
  • Negotiation Planning:
    • Understanding the principles of exchange.
    •  Negotiation objectives. 
    • Choosing negotiation strategy. 
    • The right negotiation atmosphere.
    • Negotiation Stages. 
  • Conducting Negotiation Process:
    •  How to make a proposal. 
    • Persuading skills. 
    • Ways of strengthen your position.
    •  Closing a negotiation. 
    • Styles of Negotiators.
  •  What if they won't Negotiate?
    • Dealing with the stressful negotiation situation. 
    •  Negotiation bad tricks. 
  • What are your Negotiation Style
    • Self-assessment.

Duration :

One Week