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Natural Gas Production Technology

Ref Dates Venues Fees
TC 03 15 Apr - 26 Apr Cairo 2500 USD Register Now


  • Gain practical knowledge of gas properties & the laws relating to phase behavior .
  • Examine field production & treating operations & the problems usually encountered.
  • Demonstrate the different methods of gas well testing .
  • Reviewing gas transmission & storage systems and the pertinent safety aspects .

Who Should Attend ?

  • Production/process engineers regularly involved in producing, processing & treating natural gas . 

Course Contents :

  • Natural gas : hydrocarbon components and non-hydrocarbon components, types and classification of natural gas reserves.
  • Gas properties & phase behavior.
  • Gas and liquid analysis and calculations.
  • Gas well testing.
  • Gas production facilities and operations.
  • Gas gathering systems.
  • Gas processing.
  • Gas transmission and storage.
  • Liquid hydrocarbon transmission and storage.
  • Auxiliary process equipment.
  • Development and operation of gas fields.
  • Safety, corrosion, design codes and environmental control
  • Operational procedures and minimizing operational problems.

Duration :

Two Weeks