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Managing Human Capital to Execute Strategy

Ref Dates Venues Fees
HR04 06 May - 10 May Cairo 1750 USD Register Now
HR04 11 Nov - 15 Nov Cairo 1750 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  • At the end of the program:
  • How to view the workforce as a human capital rather than cost.
  • Assessing the role of workforce in achieving business results
  • Identifies the critical measures for employee’s performance
  • Clarifies what is expected from employees and how they can improve
  • Specifies the role of leadership, workforce and HR in strategy execution

Who Should Attend ?

  • Top management, middle and line managers who want to turn practices into strategic results
  • HR managers and professionals who want quantify the value they create for the organization

Course Outline :

  • The Challenges of Workforce Measurement and Management:
    • Identify workforce strategy
    • The manager accountability for workforce performance
  • The Metrics Challenge :
    • Building the workforce scorecard
    • Measures for workforce success
    • Measures for leadership behaviors
    • Measures for workforce competencies
    • Measures for workforce mind-set and cultures
  • Linking the Workforce and HR Scorecards:
    • Strategy execution through HR management systems
    • Measures for Right HR function and workforce cost
    • Measures the right types of alignment
    • Measures for the right HR practices 
  • The Execution Challenge:
    • The strategy execution process
    • The role of CEO
    • Developing a strategically  successful workforce 
    • The role of line managers
    • The role of the workforce

Duration :

One Week