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Healthy Effects of The Environmental Dangers Inside & Outside Work

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SS 01 26 Aug - 06 Sep Dubai 3000 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  • This program aims to provide and develop the participants knowledge and skills and expertise necessary areas of public health and occupational health and occupational hazards at the definition and various methods of prevention.

Who Should Attend ?

  • All workers to the risks of occupational diseases.

Course Outline :

  • Environmental pollution
  • Industrial occupational health  
  • Factors effecting in the working environment 
  •  Important definitions.
  •  health hazard and it's negative effect on the company
  •  Direct & indirect loss.
  •  Responsibilities of hazard determination.
  •  Type of environmental hazard.
  •  Health hazard.
  •  Physical hazard.
  •  Chemical hazard.
  •  Noise hazard.
  •  Ionic Radiations hazard.
  •  Occupational toxicity.
  •  Health and occupational.
  •   Accident and injury protection in the industry.
  •  Environmental hazard outside work area.
  •   Environmental hazard protection.
  •  The protection ways from working environment hazards.


Two Weeks