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Excellence Performance Tools

Ref Dates Venues Fees
MG07 04 Feb - 08 Feb Cairo 1750 USD Register Now
MG07 06 May - 10 May Cairo 1750 USD Register Now
MG07 24 Jun - 28 Jun Cairo 1750 USD Register Now
MG07 04 Nov - 08 Nov Cairo 1750 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  • This course is designed for everyone has determination to succeed and the willingness to devote time and effort to be great achiever.
  • Participants will be Acquired with:
  • Skills and tools needed for success.
  • Action plan for building a rewarding career and life.
  • Strategies for establish new goals, develop a new sense of purpose and generate creative ideas.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Everyone needs to be a winner and a great achievers in every work aspects.
  • Managers, and leaders.
  • Individuals preparing themselves to be a great leaders. 

Course Outline :

  • Introduction:
    • What’s your Motives.
    • The modern styles of Leadership.
    • Leading new generation at work.
    • Measuring your personality.
  • Building a Positive Attitude:
    • Importance of attitude.
    • Factors that determine our attitude.
    • Positive and negative attitude.
    • Steps to building a positive attitude.
  • Winning Strategies:
    • What is success?
    • How do we measure success?
    • Qualities that make a person successful.
    • Reasons for failure: why we don’t achieve excellence.
  • Self-Esteem:
    • Characteristics of high and low self-esteem.
    • Causes of low self-esteem.
    • Steps to building a positive self-esteem.
  • Interpersonal Skills:
    • Factors prevent building and maintaining positive relationship.
    • Steps to building a positive personality.
  • Setting and Achieving your Goals:
    • Why are goals important?
    • Values and vision.
    • Commitment.
    • Ethics.
    • Personal assessment. 

Duration :

One Week