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Emergency , Safety Rules & Environment Protection

Ref Dates Venues Fees
SS 04 11 Feb - 22 Feb Cairo 2500 USD Register Now
SS 04 18 Mar - 29 Mar Bahrain 3000 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  • This program aims to provide and develop the participants knowledge and skills and expertise needed by identifying the emergency facility and how to develop response plans and recovery, as well as training to increase the efficiency of reactions in such cases

Who Should Attend ?

  • All personnel involved in the implementation of contingency plans and control of installations in various industrial areas. 

Course Outline :

  • Emergency Plan.
  • Definition of Emergency.
  • Types of Emergencies in petroleum industry.
  • Emergency size.
  • Responsibilities.
  • Preparation & planning for Emergency.
  • Planning.
  • Emergency Team.
  • Emergency Backup Team.
  • Fire / explosion oil & gas   facilities.
  • Medical Evacuation.
  • Emergency Drills.
  • Study facilities established for the preparation of the contingency plan, the operating room.
  • Central Emergency Management Conference.
  • Responsibilities of the members of the central area emergency room.
  • The state of emergency.
  • Training and testing of the different situations phantom.
  • Prevent a state of emergency.
  • Responding to an emergency.
  • Plan and procedures for risk analysis and contingency planning to combat the fires.


Two Weeks