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Emergencies Control on Case Manufacturing

Ref Dates Venues Fees
SS 02 01 Jul - 12 Jul Cairo 2500 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  • Increase people's awareness of the dangers of the industry and how the protection and handling in emergency situations

Who Should Attend ?


  •   All workers in the gas industry, such as:
    • Working for gas liquefaction plants.
    • The mobilization of workers liquid gas.
    • The transfer of personnel and distribution of gas cylinders

Course Outline :

  • Gas industry.
  •  The prevention of the risks of gas.
  •  The objectives of safety and injuries and how to prevent it.
  •  Storage of liquid gas.
  •  Anti-gas fires and explosions, and control.
  •  Clothing and tasks of prevention of gas industry workers.
  •  Prevention of the dangers of gas at the packaging and in the download and usage .
  •  Incidents of the use of hand tools.
  •  Manual handling accidents and mechanical.
  •  The dangers of electricity.
  •  First aid.
  •  Industrial hygiene.
  •  Practical training and case studies
  • Gas detectors and flam detectors system


Two Weeks