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Ref Dates Venues Fees
IT 02 28 Jan - 08 Feb Cairo 2500 USD Register Now
IT 02 14 Oct - 25 Oct Bahrain 3000 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  • Identifying the nature and importance of  E-Marketing in globalization and world of internet. Present the new methods of marketing , promotion and advertising using the internet. 

Who Should Attend ?

  • Sales , marketing managers , advertising promotion mangers and other staff requiring new methods of marketing.

Course Outlines :

  • The new trends of marketing.
  • Sales , marketing , promotion and advertising scenarios in the 21st  century.
  • The essential entities of E-or digital marketing in recent organizations.
  • The core traits and interdependence between E-Marketing and digital marketing.
  • Marketing and promotion maps based on information score card.
  • Building effective shared marketing alliances.
  • Marketing services added value to customers.
  • Concept of global ,digital, analytical  and virtual marketing .
  • Information technology and communication’s role in developing marketing management and support decision  making in 21st century organizations.
  • Using innovative management to facing unexpected changes and not stop responsive.
  • Developing sales and promotion knowledge men.
  • Problems facing digital marketing in Arab organizations.


 Two Weeks