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IT 03 26 Aug - 06 Sep Cairo 2500 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  • Acquaint participant with the basic concepts and importance of  E-commerce in globalization Era to support Arab organizations keeping close to continuous improvement in E-commerce.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Arab organization’s managers , executives and all who related to information system and E - commerce fields.

Course Outlines :

  • E-commerce concepts and related works in knowledge age.
  • Reasons for contributing in E-commerce world.
  • Basic consideration for contributing in E-commerce club.
  • Systematic planning for building legal and organizational E-commerce entities .
  • Interdependence between E-commerce , specification measures and total quality management.
  • Effective and efficient criterions for E-commerce successful system in the 21st century organizations.
  • Problems and solutions of successful E-commerce implementations.
  • Dealing with reflective changes from society, regulation , legislation and technology which block the successful application’s of E-commerce.
  • E-commerce : an approach for developing knowledge organizations for digital economics .


Two Weeks