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Customer Management Excellence

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MK 01 21 Jan - 25 Jan Cairo 1750 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  •  This course acquire participant with knowledge, skills and attitude needed for:
    •  Implementing customer service new trends.
    •  How to design the necessary systems and procedures for customer service.
    •  Evaluating organization’s readiness to become customer centric.
    •  Identifying and overcoming customer service problems.
    •  Undertaking organizational culture change.
    •  How to access, analyses, update and utilize customer’s data.
    • How you communicate with your customer

Who Should Attend ?

  •  Organization’s managers at all levels.
  •   Customer’s service employees.
  •   Sales and marketing employees.
  •  Employees who deal with any kind of customers. 

Course Outline :

  •  Introduction:
    •  What customer service excellence means to an organization. 
  •  Customer-centric approach:
    •  Are you customer-driven.
    •  Transition towards customer focus.
    • Organization’s readiness checklist (practical application).
  •  Recognizing customer service culture:
    •  Service mindset.
    •  The importance of organizational culture.
    • Undergoing a cultural change.
    •  Change management issues. 
  •    Managing customer complaint:
    •  Make it easy for customer to complain.
    •  What to do when things go wrong.
    •  Establishing transparency.
    •  When to tell the truth to the customer.
    •  Communication as a tool to deal with disgruntled customer.
    •  Communicating with customer when you are powerless.
    • How to gain a 360 degree view of the customer.
  •  Service Toolset:
    • Excellent product and service.
    • Efficient delivery systems.
    • Comprehensive feedback system.
    • Well-trained people.
    • Effective organizational structure.
    • User-friendly policies and procedures.
    • Customer information database. 
  •  Understanding perception points and customer value dimensions:
    • How to deal with customer perceptions and change in expectation.
  • Case studies for winners from national customer service Award

Duration :

One Week