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Corporate Internal Control Systems

Ref Dates Venues Fees
AA35 23 Sep - 27 Sep Cairo 1750 USD Register Now


  • Understand the meaning and significance of internal Control and accounting systems
  • Identify control risk and risk management schemes.
  • Identify and describe control environment and control procedures
  • Describe the role of internal audit in providing assurance on risk management and on the control framework of an organization.
  • Define types and objectives of internal audit function
  • Understand Information System controls and security measures

Who Should Attend?

  • Financial managers
  • Chief accountants and accountants
  • Internal and external auditors
  • Owners, directors, managers or individuals who are interested in internal control function and impact

Course Contents:

  • Translation of most important Terms
  • Introduction           
    • Types of Companies
    • Distinguish between
    • Accountant
    • Internal Auditor
    • External Auditor
    • Accounting and Auditing Standards
    • Management Accounting Vs. Financial Accounting
    • Introduction to internal Control systems
  • Risk and the Control Environment
    • Definition and Objectives of an internal Control system
    • The Assessment and Management of Risk
    • The System of Internal Control
    • The Control Environment
    • The Accounting System
  • Risk and the Control Environment
    • Board of Directors' Role
    • Audit Committee's Role
    • Objectives of internal Control
    • Workshop (1)                                  
  • Control Procedures
    • Control activities
    • Segregation of duties
    • Independent Checks and Verification
    • Safeguarding controls
    • Sequentially pre-numbered forms
    • Compensating controls
    • Fraud
    • Workshop (2) 
    • The internal audit function and its functions
    • The Scope of internal auditing
    • Incidents that internal auditors should report to management or the Board of Directors
    • Compliance audit and its objectives
    • Operational audit and its objectives
    • Workshop (3) 
    • Case Study


5 Days