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Construction Projects Management

Ref Dates Venues Fees
EN07 08 Jul - 19 Jul Cairo 2500 USD Register Now


  • Define and help the trainees to projects management through the principles of planning, organizing, controlling the projects executive and how the project managers manage the resource, cost controlling productivity to increase the project.

Who Should Attend?

  • Project managers, sites engineers and technical engineers offices. 

Course Contents:

  • The principles concept in construction projects management:
    • Construction management layout.
    • Construction planning and controlling layout.
  • Construction project planning:
    • CPM technique
    • Line of balance (Lob)
  • Projects controlling:
    • Time reduction (crashing)
    • Line management (updating)
  • Resources management:
    • Resources schedule.
    • Resources allocation.
    • Resources leveling.
  • Construction financing:
    • The planning budges.
    • Cash flow.
  • Bids and contracts:
    • Tendering prequalification construction.
    • Contract types.
    • Claims .
    • Arbitration.
    • Bidding estimating.
  • Construction equipment management:
    • Construction equipment selection.
    • Equipments productivity estimates.
    • Equipment cost estimates.
  • Productivity of construction laborers.
  • Managerial skills and supervision:
    • Communication.
    • Leadership.
    • Problem solving and decision making.
    • Report writing and meeting management.
    • Maturation.



Two Weeks