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Coaching Competencies

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HR07 11 Mar - 15 Mar Cairo 1750 USD Register Now
HR07 02 Sep - 06 Sep Cairo 1750 USD Register Now


  • Getting results today is becoming increasingly difficult as globalization, technology and diversity changes challenging today's managers. Add to the increased roles and responsibilities placed on them. 
  • This course will guide you in managing your people at the day – to – day activities to ensure high performance.
  • The benefits to you personally are: 
  • Increase work productivity and quality. 
  • Decrease your stress level. 
  • Avoid surprises about poor performance. 
  •  Increase your delegation and empowerment. 

Who should attend:

  • Managers, supervisors and team leaders at all organization's levels. 
  • Any one has the responsibility for employee performance. 

Course outlines:

  • Introduction:
    • What is coaching and what is not?  
    • The changing role of coaching. 
    • The ten rules of successful staff coach. 
    • Case study. 
    • Coaching Model Steps. 
  • Your Role as a Coach :
    • Steps of effective coaching interactions. 
  • How to Manage Through Coaching
    • Delegating and coaching. 
    • Providing feedback. 
    • Operating as a coach during a formal review. 
    • Coaching tips.
    • Coaching different generations at work. 
  • Your Personal Effectiveness:
    • Trust building.
    • Listening skills.
    • Critic techniques
    • Questioning skills.
    • Building synergy.

Duration :

One Week