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Basic of Finance

Ref Dates Venues Fees
AA 03 15 Apr - 19 Apr Cairo 1750 USD Register Now
AA 03 01 Jul - 05 Jul Cairo 1750 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  • Enables participants to understand the foundation of finance.
  • Developing skills necessary to be an effective financial professional.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Accountants, auditors and their assistants in accounting and auditing department and sections.
  • New hiring employee for financial departments.
  • Employees requiring financial knowledge and skills.

Course Outline :

  • financial statement statements analysis
    • Definition, importance ,stages and objectives of financial analysis for financial statement
    • financial analysis for income statement
    • financial analysis for balance sheet statement
  • finance Fundamentals
    • Finance structure definition
    • Financial leverage
    • Finance structure Components
    • Operating leverage
    • Finance cost
    • choosing ideal Finance structure

Duration :

One Week