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Audit and Internal Auditing

Ref Dates Venues Fees
AA 10 21 Jan - 01 Feb Cairo 2500 USD Register Now
AA 10 08 Apr - 12 Apr Dubai 3000 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  • Develop participant’s skills concerning applying the new techniques in auditing and internal auditing. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Chiefs of Auditing departments and sections in various organizations. 

Course Outline :

  • Internal control
    • Definition of control.
    • Internal control concept.
    • Organization’s managerial and financial elements.
    • Basic consideration for internal control system.
    • Internal control techniques.
    • Evaluation and inspections of internal control structure.
  • Internal auditing:
    • Internal auditing importance and kinds.
    • New techniques for internal auditing.
    • Planning for internal control's operations.
  • Internal auditing report:
    • Measurements of preparing internal audit reports.
    • Beneficiaries from internal auditing reports.
    • The most important content in the internal auditor's report
  • Main points in internal auditor's report:
    • Cash controllers.
    • Wage’s controllers.
    • Petty Cash controllers.
    • Purchase and warehouse controllers.
    • Overhead costs controllers.
    • Fixed assets controllers
  • Internal Auditing and Auditing Measurements:
    • Auditing measurements related to auditing file.
    • Auditing measurements related to auditor's relations with others.
    • Auditing measurements related to other factors that affect auditor work.
  • The effect of using computer system on:
    • Documents.
    • Journals and Statements.
    • Financial statements and reports.
    • Chart of account.
    • Information storing.
  • Relation between accounting information systems and electronic data base:
    • Defining electronic data base.
    • Defining relational data base.
    • Data base structure.
    • Managing data base programs and accounting simulation systems
  • Internal control in electronic system atmosphere:
    • Organizational control.
    • Common control system.
    • Applicable control.
    • Operational control
  • Internal control according to international auditing standards:
    • Small accounting control “International Auditing Standard No 1001”.
    • Direct accounting control “International Auditing Standard No. 1002”.
    • Internal control according to electronic data base system management (International Auditing Standard No. 1003”.

Duration :

Two weeks