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Advanced Project Management

Ref Dates Venues Fees
EN08 16 Sep - 27 Sep Cairo 2500 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  • As we enter the twenty-first century, our perception of project management has changed.
  • Project management once considered nice to have is now recognized as a necessity for survival.
  • This course aims to:
  • Understand and improve project management skills.
  • Help you achieve better result in your project.
  • Apply the process steps as a roadmap for your success as project manager.
  • Ensure that you don’t leave out anything essential in managing your project.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Project managers.
  • New promoted project managers.
  • Candidates for project management positions.
  • Project Team members.

Course Outline :

  • Introduction:
    • Project management concept.
    • Defining the project manager’s and functional manager’s role.
    • Defining project success.
    • The project manager as a planner.
    • Project – driven –organization.
    • Classification of projects.
    • Project management methodologies. 
  • Project Organizational Structure:
    • Traditional Vs non-traditional organizational structure.
    • Selecting the organizational form.
    • Special cases in project manager selection.
    • Next generation project managers.
  • Project Management Functions:
    • Management function. 
    • Interpersonal influences.
    • Team building as an ongoing process.
    • Life-cycle Leadership in a project environment.
  • Factors Affecting Project Success:
    • Predicting project success.
    • Project management effectiveness.
    • Expectations.
    • Force field analysis.
  • Project Planning:
    • Identifying project strategy.
    • Project life cycle.
    • The statements of work.
    • Milestone schedules.
    • Work breakdown structure (WBS).
    • The planning cycle.
    • Detailed schedules and charts.
    • Total project planning.
    • Procedural documentation.
    • Cost Control:
    • Understanding control.
    • The operating cycle.
    • Cost account codes.
    • Budgets.
    • Recording material cost using earned value measurement.
    • The material accounting criterion. 
  • Managing Cultural Differences:
    • An introduction to global projects.
    • Internal and external factors effecting project management.
    • Strategic Planning for Excellence in Project Management:
    • Critical success factors for strategic planning.
    • Identifying strategic resources.
    • Horizontal accounting.
  • Modern Development in Project Management:
    • The project management maturity model.
    • Developing effective procedural documentation.
    • Capacity planning.
    • Competency model.
    • Managing multiple projects.
    • End-of-phase review meetings.
  • Contract and Procurement:
    • Requirement cycle.
    • Requisition cycle.
    • Solicitation cycle.
    • Award cycle.
    • Types of contracts.
    • Contract administration cycle.

Duration :

Two Weeks