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Advanced Maintenance Management

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TC 01 05 Aug - 16 Aug Cairo 2500 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  • Today the need for better organization of servicing of complex technical equipment has become most urgent. This course provides a comprehensive review of maintenance organization structure, methods of control and measuring effectiveness.

Who Should Attend ?

  • Managers, superintendents, and senior engineers in charge of planning, managing & financially controlling different maintenance operations in petroleum process and petrochemical industries .

Course Outline :

  • Organization structure:
    •  Organization charts and reporting levels.
    •  Managerial objectives
    •  Recourses to manage
    •  Maintenance costs
    •  Maintenance department objectives and functions.
    •  The maintenance manager and supervisor
    • Area organization
  • The maintenance budget:
    •  The chart of account
    •  Preparation of the budget
  • Systems for control:
    •  The work order
    •  The service order
    •  Emergency service orders
    •  Open work orders
    •  Work order procedure flow
    •  Priority systems
    •  Reporting systems
  • Maintenance support program:
    •  Categories of maintenance support programs(MSP)
    •  The cost of MSP
    •  Measuring the risk of MSP
    •  Equipment inspection
    •  PM work order
  • Planning and scheduling:
    •  The key elements of planning and scheduling
    •  The planning process
    •  Execution of work
    •  Review of work (measuring effectiveness)
  • Craft Training:
    •  Training needs analysis
    •  Documenting of training needs
    •  Skills analysis
    •  Upgrade training
    •  Training materials
  • Measuring effectiveness:
    •  Safety measurements
    •  Maintenance cost per unit
    •  Maintenance cost as a percentage of capital investment
    • Additional measures



Two Weeks