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Advanced Internal Audit

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AA33 18 Feb - 22 Feb Cairo 1750 USD Register Now

Course Contents:

  • Definitions and Fundamentals:
    • Evolution of Internal Auditing.
    • Internal Audit Definition.
    • Internal Audit Program Fundamentals.
    • IIA’s International Professional Practice Framework.
    • Quality Assurance and Improvement Program.
  • Blended Assurance and Consulting Activities:
    • Assurance and Consulting Differences.
    • Application of “Adding Value”.
    • Seeking Approvals for Blending.
  • Management of Audit process -- Applications.
    • Audit Activity Structure and Strategy.
    • Audit Skills Development.
    • Audit Plans and Schedules.
    • Audit Engagement Leadership and Control.
    • Relevant Standards and Professional Guidance. 
  • Managing Stakeholders Relationships – Applications:
    • Relationship with Board of Directors and Audit Committee.
    • Alternative Bodies in Governmental Entities.
    • Relationship with Management (the Auditee).
    • Relationship with External Auditors and Other Stakeholders.
    • Relevant Standards and Professional Guidance.
  •  Audit/risk Universe  -- Applications:
    • Ways to organize the Audit Universe.
    • The Non-Risk-Based Audit Universe.
    • Common Risk Assessment Methods Used by Internal Auditors.
    • Coordinating With Management Risk Assessment.
    • IT Risk Considerations.
    • Scope and Resource Limitations.
    • Relevant Standards and Professional Guidance.
  • Entity-Wide Assurance Projects:
    • Planning and Test of Control – Applications.
    • Documenting Working Papers – Applications.
    • Reporting Results – Applications.



5 Days