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Accounting For Non Accountants

Ref Dates Venues Fees
AA13 06 May - 10 May Cairo 1750 USD Register Now
AA13 23 Sep - 27 Sep Cairo 1750 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  • Improving all participants in managerial, administration and supervisory position who have no previous knowledge of accounting, with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for understanding and learning financial reports.
  • Using accounting information in decision making process.

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers, supervisors of non financial departments and sections in various organization

Course Outline :

  • Financial Accounting concepts:
    • Financial accounting.
    • Cost accounting. 
  • Interpreting financial statements:
    • Balance sheet.
    • Income statement. 
  • Interpreting financial rations:
    • Balance sheet ratios.
    • Income statement ratios. 
  • Using financial ratio in decision making.
  • Interpreting cost statements.
  • Using accounting information in performance evaluating of activating centers. 

Duration :

One week