Entrepreneurship & Small Projects Management

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Entrepreneurship & Small Projects Management


  • To Qualify and train the business youth to construct and manage their own projects successfully.
  • To qualify the business youth and give them the skills necessary for successful Entrepreneurship.

Who Should Attend?

  • The graduate youth who wishes to construct small projects.
  • The Universities, Institutes and Technical Schools Students.
  • The Financing Entities.


  • The small project aspect.
    • The small project definition.
    • The small project features.
    • The investment characteristics and abilities
    • How to create and chose your small project idea.
  • The small project restrictions.
    • The administrative restrictions.
    • The marketing restrictions.
    • The financing restrictions.
  • To do list at starting the project.
    • Estimating starting costs.
    • The action plan main elements.
    • Reasons of projects failure. 


3 Training Days.