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Entrepreneurship is the process through which the new economical activities are created by researches, development, production, distributing products and the innovated services. Whereas this processes result an increases percentage of success for this entrepreneur projects which contributes in evolving the economical, creating work opportunities and providing jobs through developing integral systems for training, supporting and providing the entrepreneurs with information and data, evaluating and developing the individual skills and abilities, and providing consultations, advising and guidance for them widely in order to apply their knowledge and creations.


1- Creating apprehension of entrepreneurship and encouraging self-employment culture and the technical marketing all over the State.

2- Contributing in encouraging the effects made to develop a national policy for entrepreneurship.

3- Arranging and cooperating with different governmental and private entities to improve entrepreneurship.

4- Contributing in preparing an outstanding generation of technical entrepreneurs.

5- Building capabilities and preparing professional staff specialized in knowledge economics fields.

6- Entering into agreements with the universities and international and financing organizations experienced in entrepreneurship field.


 Entrepreneurship Support Department in the company arranges many programs, events and education activities aiming to develop the entrepreneurship, building capabilities and preparing specialized professional staff by following the newest and the most successful methods in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship Support Department provides many services for supporting entrepreneurship, including the following:

1- Entrepreneurship education campaigns.

2- Programs of specialized entrepreneurs skills development

3- Programs of enhancing the leading skills of researchers regarding constructing a project.

4- Program of skills development and building the capabilities of the employees in fields related to entrepreneurship.

5- Preparing a national network for entrepreneurs in the technical fields in order to create communication and data and information sharing.

6- Services of connecting the entrepreneurs with the professional networks and organizations.

7- A network for specialized guiding.



1- Programs of Awareness Enhance:

 To spread awareness among the entities in order to assure that the society is adopting the aspect of   entrepreneurship. These programs concentrate in encouraging the leadership culture in the society and introducing the role that the innovated technique plays in the developed societies growth.

2-   Programs of entrepreneurs development:

The program helps in developing and enhancing the skills of entrepreneurs, through providing consulting and guiding services in marketing, planning, financing, management and legal consultation, in cooperation with the local and international educational institutions for contributing in constructing successful commercial and industrial projects.

3- Workshops: 

Organizing many workshops in different governorates about the entrepreneurship support and preparing action plan, evaluating the commercial ideas and evaluating projects with scientific ways.

4- Meetings& Events:

This department organizes many meetings with finance managers in banks as well as meeting that could encourage the entrepreneurship with leading companies in the technical fields and different industries.

5- Training Programs:

Arranging the main programs in supporting the technical and administrative skills of the entrepreneurs such as:

  • How to found and construct your project successfully
  • Entrepreneurship and small projects management.
  • Self-employment culture (the way to be a successful entrepreneur)
  • Preparing economic feasibility studies "for small projects".