Education Development Unit

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Education Development Unit

Based on our strong beliefe in education and it's important role in the uprising of any nation. INTEC dedicated this unit to improving educational process and quality for wide range of participant of all ages, including public and private schools,

We focus on building strong healthy educational environment including Students, Teachers, and the interacting relation between them, taking into consideration the improvement of educational policy, strategies, curriculum design , teaching techniques , and school management.

We launched collaboration with national and international partners and universities to scan the educational situation , design, and implement various training courses, services, toolkits, and workshops that can have an effective role in developing educational process.

How we do it:

First step:

Gathering as much information as we can including efficient studies and research concern educational effectiveness in all ages.


Second step:

Analyzing and organizing all gathered data and ideas , study them in details .

Third step:

Based on the results, our team starts to design suitable efficient solutions and present them in different methods:

  • Training courses and Workshops for students, teachers, parents, managers and those in the leadership , and decision making positions.
  • Establishing strong alliance with international well known universities and organizations to share their experience in this field with our participants.